Welcome La Casa Property Management !

We have been an independent property management company for the last 13 years. We have initiated and become more experienced in and rentals for the past 9 years. Becoming of all the needs and wants for repeating and traditional visitors. To welcoming new comers to the city and surroundings. Walking them to the knowledge of San Miguel. And what it has to offer. And cattering every client to their vacation needs and desires. Our goal is to find the best home away from home, for our clients. Satisfied clients have requested that we rent their homes. And every day we get more and more inquiries for rentals. We we have access to a wide market of potential people and groups looking for vacation homes. Our website has broadened our niches. And locally many have recommed us by word of mouth. As that´s how our business started. We provide arrival arrangements for entering to the house. Consulting on drivers and how to get to San Miguel from airports or driving into town. Food and special arrangements required by renter. Restaurant and entertainment information. Aid on any matter concerning their stay. Help in planning a special event or gathering. In management we have been successful providing the following: payment of all utility bills of property. Payment of employees or contractors required for property. Payment of property tax. Detailed statement of home expenses in English. Dealing with any property issues with neighbors and city hall. Dealing with employees and consulting owners with severance, employer and employee obligations. Providing year to year calendars of vacation and national mandatory holidays to owners. Social Security and employee consultation when hiring for owners. Hiring of personnel. Helping with purchasing cars, payment of car insurance and house insurance, payment of ownership taxes for vehicles: among other services. Management fee is based on the size of the homes, number of bedrooms, size of grounds, patios, garden, pools and jacuzzis, if any. We, at La Casa take pride in servicing our clients. In our growth, due to happy and cared clients. And we certainly welcome you to give us to opportunity, in helping you find the right home away from home; in San Miguel